Retrospective: Semmering Symposium 2005

Since the first meeting of this series in 2003, the scientific Symposium has become a very important international platform dealing with all aspects of novel vaccine developments in the field of infectious diseases. This year's Symposium with the powerful approach "Novel Vaccines against Infectious Diseases ‐ Developed Countries Meet Developing Countries" brought together world leading scientists, top class vaccine developers, well‐known financial experts from the pharmaceutical industry as well as representatives from non‐profit organizations.

Moreover, this year's Symposium also covered two significant scientific fields of research – infectious diseases and novel vaccination – within the context of economical differences between highly industrialized countries and the developing third world. Renowned keynote speakers from around the world presented recent developments and new ideas regarding the need of novel vaccines for infectious diseases.

It was a very successful meeting, which was made possible by the great financial and personal support of many people. In the name of the organizers we would like to thank everybody involved for the excellent cooperation over the last months.