Biotech made in Vienna:
»From Landsteiner to global products for infectious disease control«

6th Semmering Symposium, October 11-13, 2018 – Fleming’s Conference Hotel, Vienna

The event will bring together leading scientists, experts from the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry alongside national and international health policy stakeholders to discuss how to build eco-systems that foster collaboration, research and entrepreneurship that drive innovation in healthcare.

The underlying theme of the symposium is “Biotech made in Vienna: From Landsteiner to global products for infectious disease control” and will utilise the successful example of how Vienna, driven by the creation of Campus Vienna Biocenter in 1987, has become an attractive and respected venue for biotech enterprises, and a globally leading centre for vaccine innovation.

The symposium is organised by Vienna Vaccines, an independent non-profit organisation devoted to building networks in the vaccine and biotech sector.
Its past five symposia addressed the need for novel vaccines to control infectious diseases, but included neighbouring fields, like immune therapy and therapeutic antibodies, societal acceptance of new treatments and their global uptake in less developed countries.

The hallmark of the events has been to drive innovation by virtue of interlinking – in an interdisciplinary fashion – top quality science, competence in product and business development, regulatory skills, intelligent investment, health care foundations and entrepreneurial spirit.

This year’s symposium moves beyond the vaccine space to the broader topic of building eco-systems that deliver healthcare innovation but will use the successful example of the ‘vaccine cluster’ in Vienna as an underlying case-study.


Innovation in healthcare doesn’t just happen. It’s the combined result of an environment that finds an idea, connects thinkers and problem-solvers to develop it, and provides them with the tools and support to bring it to life. This is an innovation eco-system.

Since 1987, Vienna, Austria has established itself as a globally leading innovation eco-system in the vaccine space.

Through a variety of key-note speeches, panel discussions and workshops, a range of speakers from start-ups, established industry, academic research, and policy will discuss how to develop and implement innovation strategies that lead to the formation of successful eco-systems that breed novel products and services at regional, European and global level.

About Vienna Vaccines

Vienna Vaccines is an independent non-profit organization devoted to building networks in the vaccine and biotech sector. Through the past five Semmering Symposia, the organization has succeeded in establishing an interactive forum for leaders within the vaccine and biotech arena.